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Welll, I think people may not be joining this community because of it's...well...uselessness right now so I'll try and keep it updated with events and stories etc and see how we go from there!

So, whats new with me?

Well, I downloaded IRC so after getting the channel from Seiken (my undead priest friend) I should be able to speak with my horde friends more which is of great importance to me actually as I spend more time with the horde than the alliance these days, haha.

Union of The Codex
I left the guild two days ago because all of this end game instance stuff just didn't turn out to be all it's crakked up to all. *sobs* And although they are my friends and family I felt a little too pressured to do things I didn't want to do - After leaving the guild I've had various whispers to join:-
Knights of Lorderon
Soulbound etc...</b>

The Knights are tempting as I left due to wanting to RP more but I may just remain guildless, we'll see, for now I'm quite happy to ride the road of Darkshire to STV greeting the usual's around there. <3

Events of Interest

The Alliance strikes back (reply to the 19th)
This will be quite small and I'm not allowed to give out the details so that it remains on a small scale. (Doh!) But just know it will be happening very soon and I can't wait to take part, though I'l probably just end up trying to talk to the horde, haha.

Grand Masked Ball for all of the Alliance
An alliance event but I'm sure some horde will be there too no doubt.

Details here ->


For those who missed it the Champion of Azeroth event was excellent! Very funny, heres a review provided by Keras:-

at first it was going good,the matches were going as planned,the horde and alliance were cheering

At some point vex was issued her first challenge,although she clerly won(had 50% hp left) she was supposedly given a Blessing of freedom.that being that horde spectators started ranting about it but gorkar said she wont be disqualified

later when she was fighting against swan,supposedly she got a heal again(didnt see anything in the logs)so gorkar issued a rematch,when vex lost all hell broke loose

at first people started shooting at swan,marking dom and sheeping gorkar,then a whole bunch of alliance went down and started randomly killing people.

supposedly it was redrums + warbringer LP,only thing i saw was knights of lordaeron tho,didnt have a good look,got a message from gorkar to get the **** out nad fled instantly

oh and one more thing

a paladin i was fighting used bubble + HS,did someone fraps that? this video will go down in wow history i assure you

Someone did take a video of that moment, see it here! ->

That'll be all for today folks, I'll try and make dailyish posts on my events in azeroth to encourage others to do the same.

- Cel x
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